PC-FX interface

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Multiplayer Bluetooth controllers adapter for retro video game consoles

Jacques GagnonJacques Gagnon 04/02/2021 at 20:520 Comments

I added PC-FX support with version v0.14! Regular pad and mouse are supported. Any mix of devices is supported for up to 2 players! Refer to wiki for cable schematic and config documentation.

The low level protocol is pretty much like SPI mode 0 for clock and data line. You got the /LATCH line that can be inverted to be use as a CS. An /OE signal can mute the output from the peripheral when high. The console poll the peripherals 5 times in a row every frame. This look like how PC Engine controllers are polled as well for the multitap. Maybe a multitap was plan for the PC-FX as well?

Sequential 2P polling with 5 consecutive poll each

Data line is inverted and LSB is sent first. Clock may sometimes cycle while LATCH is held low, these cycle must be ignored.

Controller poll

The two controllers are often polled simultaneously.

Simultaneous 2P polling

Getting the ESP32 SPI timing was a bit tricky, In my mind this should be SPI Mode 2 but somehow that was very unreliable. Using Mode 0 timing is rock solid however.

Regular controller

RX: FFFFFF0F (LSB first)
    ││││  ├┘
    ││││  └ ID?
    │││└ Left, Down, Right, Up
    ││└ 1, Mode2, 1, Mode1
    │└ IV, III, II, I
    └ Run, Select, VI, V


RX: FFFFFF2F (LSB first)
    ├┘├┘ │├┘
    │ │  │└ ID?
    │ │  └ Buttons (1, 1, Right, Left)
    │ └ X axis (8 bits) (Left: -, Right: +, Two's complement, inverted, LSB first)
    └ Y axis (8 bits) (Up: -, Down: +, Two's complement, inverted, LSB first)