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This is a radio. Vynil. CDs. Cassettes. Electro, electronic and house music. Techno and Tekno

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Online radio which stream comes from dj set, CD, cassettes, vynil 33/45 perfectly working and with a lot of choices. For those who like to dance.

Radio zeel is an online radio based in Italy. It use encoders to send the data through the internet to a server which read the .MP3 and make it listenable to everyone who want.

We have mixer linked to a MIDI console for live event, we have a turntable for listening to vynil, we a CD and cassettes for playing any kind of music and we have a microfone to speak about everything.

We started simply using WinAmp and it's DSP plugin for Shoutcast linked to a subscription in

We switched to a software called Rocked Broadcaster in its PRO version for encoding the music online. It's easier.

For automisation we use a software called RadiodJ which creates and starts playlist by hours and days.

We will work on more events.

Zeel radio


Listen with your player

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  • 1 × Mouse/Keyboard Essential hardware
  • 1 × Blue Legend Microphone
  • 1 × MIDI Beringer BCD 3000 From the MIDI and the software you can play live
  • 1 × Earphone
  • 1 × PIONEER PL-Y7A Full-automatic stero turntable

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  • Zeeleez alternative now Working

    zeeleez05/31/2020 at 17:54 0 comments

                                         "VLC"  icecast radio directory ----->   zeeleez

    |  _____         ____        ____     _                                   ||||||||||||||||||||||
    |  \____  /       |  ___|     |  ___|     | |                                   |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    |          / /          | |___      | |___     | |                                   ||||||||||||||
    |        / /           |  ___|     |  ___|     | |                                   |||||||||||||||||||||
    |      / /___       | |___      | |___      | |_____                       ||||||||||||||||
    |    /______\   |_____|   |_____|   |______|                     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  • 320 Kbps (Tape, Radio and microphone)

    zeeleez05/04/2020 at 10:21 0 comments

    Added through the mixer:

    1)  Microphone in its proper channel

    2) Tape:

    - Bridge in CD player throught "audio IN". The audio of the tape's is taken out from the earphone channel and connected in CD player.

    3) An old radio is connected to a "LINE" in the mixer.

    The flux is now going at 320 Kbps. Using "line in" and "Audio" of windows.

    MME is the transcoder.

    Frequency is setted to automatic.

  • Update

    zeeleez04/12/2020 at 15:33 0 comments

    320 Kbps mp3 streaming and Metadata activated!

  • Sites

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    We are subscribed in: 


    Radio online



    You can find the links in the main page

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    Prepare your computer: Subscription and Programs.

    Once your PC is connected to the internet, buy a subscription for your music flux: Icecast or Shoutcast works perfectly for our purpose.

    I used

    You will get all the information you need for connecting to a "music" server, a server which encodes the music and stream it back.

    Now you need a  to make it works:

    1) MBrecaster

    2) BUTT

    3) Rocket Broadcaster

    4) SAM broadcaster

    5) RadioDJ

    6) Shoutcast server

    7) WinAmp shoutcast

  • 2
    Start Encoding.

    Choose a program from the list and start your live session.

    I am gonna explain two programs: Rocket broadcaster (free) and the plug in for Win Amp.

    Download WinAmp plug-in:

    install and open it pressing CTRL+P

    Now you will find the "output" and "input" window.

    In the "output" set all of your information you took from the registration and start encoding.

    Now you need to choose if to use the WINAMP music as a source or the Audio card.

    If use the Audio Card remember to turn on the "mixing stereo" from the audio panel.

    Download Rocket Broadcaster:

    It is easier then other program, just write your info and press "start".

    You will see the two bars, one from the PC and one from the IN-sound both going to the Master.

  • 3
    Prepare your Set up: Console, Turntables, CD, Cassettes, Mixer.

    CONNECT everything you have to your mixer. I have a OLD gemini.

    Now, after you decided what music you will play and how you gonna make some sound, you need to know if your computer has the LINE-IN.

    Note that sometimes the microphone line can be the same.

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