First Attempt

A project log for Plant Propagator Controller

Exploring ways to monitor and control soil moisture, air humidity, temperature and light conditions for growing seeds into little plants.

albertalbert 03/14/2020 at 08:510 Comments

This is a very non-technical first log entry just to explain the background of the project.

So, I just moved from the city to the countryside and want to grow plants in our garden this summer. I got some seeds and a tip to just plant them in toilet paper rolls cut in half. I saved up some rolls and got a couple of ice cream containers:

...put in some soil and the seeds:

...then covered them up and sprayed with water:

Finally the containers were covered with plastic and put on a windowsill in a south-facing window above a radiator to keep them both warm well lit. This started out pretty well and the sprouts soon got so tall I had to remove the plastic covering the containers:

However, a few days after this, the sprouts started falling over and drying out, even though I kept the soil fairly moist at all times. I tried reading up a bit. Probably the air was to dry after I removed the cover. Or did the temperature get to low at night? Or was there not enough light?

It was at this point I figured adding some sensors would be a good way to figure out what I did wrong...