3D Zoetrope

Using Arduino Stroboscope to see 3D printed animation

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Credits: The original model was by John Edmark. The one I printed was a remix of a model by Gruzdev.

  • 1 × Arduino I used an Arduino Nano, but any 5V arduino will work
  • 1 × IRLB8721PbF (N-Channel power MOSFET)
  • 1 × 10K Linear Potentiometer
  • 1 × Single color LED strip Mine was 12V, but 5V is fine too as long as you provde the matching voltage

  • 1
    Step 1
    //Simple Stroboscope by Hari Wiguna
    byte ledPin = 13; // Digital Pin 13
    byte potPin = 0; // Analog Pin 0
    void setup() {
      pinMode(potPin, INPUT);
      pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
    void loop() {
     // This controls the frequency of the flashing, smaller delayValue = faster flash.
      int potValue = analogRead(potPin);
      int delayValue = potValue/4;
      delay(2); // How long should the strobe be on.  Larger is brighter, but will blur the effect.
      delay(delayValue); // How long should the strobe be off. 

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yakuparslan wrote 12/26/2021 at 01:00 point

Hi, it is a great style of zoetrope. I would like to do it by my own, but I couldn't find any motor which i could control the rpm. Which motor did you use for the project ? 

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