Project Log #2: Anemometer Headpiece

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Sam GriffenSam Griffen 04/16/2020 at 08:390 Comments

I have been using the time in lockdown as an opportunity to develop a wireless anemometer. The intention is to have an anemometer that can be mounted to a pole, charge an internal battery via small solar panel, and transmit wind data to a server. From here, I can develop a frontend that allows me to view the wind data from the intended turbine location.

Ideally, with enough data, I can determine the optimal location for my turbine. It will also just be cool to have realtime local wind data.

So far, I have created a headpiece for the anemometer. The top assembly clamps onto a bearing, which is in turn bolted to the bottom piece. This means the headpiece rotates freely about the base. The top piece has a small black section of plastic on the inside, exposed to an IR sensor mounted to the base piece. Using a TCRT5000 IR sensor, and an LM393 comparator, this sensor can be used to generate a pulse as the black section of plastic passes over the sensor. Ideally I would use a hall effect sensor and a magnet, but for the time being I need to work with the components I have. Below is an image of the headpiece as it currently stands.

Files for the anemometer can be found in this OnShape document. This is a working document, and will be modified as I progress.

There are a couple of issues to address with the current model:

From here, the next step is to develop the circuitry to detect rotation, connect it to the microcontroller, and use this to calculate windspeed. I'll check back in once I have this working.