A Janky Turbine Platform & The Scooterbine

A project log for The Scooterbine

Renewable energy from unwanted, unloved motors, and a mean scooter.

Sam GriffenSam Griffen 06/15/2021 at 05:330 Comments

Just a quick update, today has been a productive day, this project is finally getting a bit more momentum now that I am on Uni holidays for a few weeks. The plan for this week was to get the platform completed to a point where only the gearing and blades are left to be done.

I spent the day getting a lot of help from my awesome Dad and his hoard of old junk. Initially I had planned on using two concentric metal pipes as the rotating bearing, however that was going to have a lot of friction, and in order to solve this a bearing is kind of important. My Dad, in his infinite wisdom, suggested an old scooter as the bearing part of the setup. We spent the next few hours working out how to attach a platform to the bottom of the scooter such that it would be level. With this, I proudly present my Wind Scooterbine:

The scooter... stem? Slots into a larger steel pipe that is to be anchored to a fenceline. In the coming days brackets are to be mounted to the plywood to secure the scooter motor and a drive shaft. I will update here again once those are on, but from here on in this project is the Scooterbine.

Bonus photo of the Scooterbine: