Alexa Lamp

Alexa voice controlled vintage lamp with brightness control

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This project was to create an Alexa voice controlled lamp with adjustable brightness. The lamp can also controlled using a rotary encoder with built in push switch.

How to use

The lamp has 2 modes; Alexa (default) and standalone.

To change the mode:

  • Turn off the 240v supply to the lamp
  • Hold the rotary encoder push switch down
  • Turn on 240v supply
  • Wait until the lamp starts to slowly flash
  • Release the push switch
  • The number of flashes seen will tell you which mode the lamp is in. 1 flash indicates standalone and 2 flashes for Alexa voice controlled mode.

Alexa mode (default)

  • When the lamp is turned on for the first time it will create an unsecured wifi hotspot called Lamp
  • You can use your phone to connect to the hotspot and enter your wifi network credentials
  • Once your credentials are verified, the hotspot will disappear and your wifi settings will be stored on the device
  • The lamp will now connect to your network and you will be able to control the lamp using the rotary encoder
  • Say "Alexa, discover devices" or go to the Alexa app and hit "Add Device", "Other", "Discover devices"
  • Your lamp is now ready!

If you turn on the 240v supply to the lamp and it cannot connect to a network using its stored settings, it will create a new hotspot and wait for new credentials. While it is in this state the rotary encoder will not work until the new wifi credentials are entered but tou can still change the lamp's mode using the method described above.

Standalone mode

  • This mode does not connect to any wifi networks or create any hotspots
  • Plain old lamp
  • Rotary encoder works straight away

Alexa voice controls

Once setup, you can use different ways to invoke Alexa to modify the lamp's state:

  • Alexa, turn lamp on
  • Alexa, turn on lamp
  • Alexa, set lamp to fifty (50 means 50% of brightness)
  • Alexa, set lamp to one hundred (100% brightness)

  • 1 × Echo Dot
  • 1 × Wemos D1 Mini Main controller
  • 1 × HLK-PM01 AC-DC 220V to 5v mini power supply module
  • 1 × Robotdyn AC Light Dimmer Module
  • 1 × Rotary encoder with push switch

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    General Instructions
  • 2
    Wooden Enclosure Instructions
    • The enclosure is made up of 2 parts: a wooden block (roughly 4 inches by 3 inches) and a planed wood base that screws into the block and locks the electronics away
    • The wooden block is hollowed out so that there is enough space for all the components
    • The components are arrange inside the cavity ensuring that wires carrying 240v were kept as short as possible and away from the Wemos and dimmer control board. It was found that brightness control was affected if the high voltage wires got too close
    • A cloth was used to apply 3 coats of Liberon based wood dye dark oak to give some colour. You can also use Liberon based wood dye light oak or mix them both dyes to create a new shade
    • A cloth was used to apply 3 coats of Liberon superior Danish oil clear which gave the wood a slight shine and made it slightly waterproof
    • Once I certain everything worked, the wooden base was screwed into the block and felt pads were used to hide the screws

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Dan Maloney wrote 03/20/2020 at 15:57 point

Looks great! I love the old-timey light bulbs like that, and the contrast between it and Alexa is pretty cool.

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Supercrab wrote 03/20/2020 at 17:59 point

Thank you!  You wouldn’t know the lamp was WiFi controlled just by looking it :)   The components are cheap and working with wood is enjoyable!

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