• Robot Base Initial Designs

    NEBRA Labs03/20/2020 at 15:03 0 comments

    The base has to be designed such that it can modified to have

    1. Replaceable Motors
    2. Caster Wheels
    3. Batteries
    4. Battery Management System
    5. Main control system
    6. Microcontrollers
    7. Sensors of various types (listed elsewhere)
    8. line tracking sensor strip
    9. Hidden wires ducts
    10. IR sensors on all sides
    11. Communication devices of all types
    12. Ducted individually controllable LED strip
    13. Custom Wheels
    14. LCD for display of critical health
    15. Buzzer
    16. Buck boost convertors

    Some initial sketches:

  • Influences

    NEBRA Labs03/20/2020 at 12:15 0 comments

    Steve Jobs

    Before starting this project, I would like to stretch its application to all domains possible such that it provides me with a steep learning curve, meanwhile, pushing my intellectual boundaries.  Considering the fact that I have designed many robots in the past, this will blend every aspect of engineering and art into one product. 

    Overtime, I've been reading quite a lot books, seeking possibility of something new, and I came across Steve Jobs: his design philosophy seems to influence this design a lot. Therefore, the mantra for this new machine is 

    "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,"  - Leonardo da Vinci

    and these words of Leonardo Da Vinci  seemed to influence Steve and they seem to influence me. 

    Since the day I watched Wall-E, I've been fascinated by future of industrial robotics. It seems to give this robot a magical blend of the two friends in that film. Such blend not only satisfies my desire, but also sparks imagination to build something great for the world. Since this is only the start, why not stretch as far as possibility demands.