Steam turbine cooling scheme

I analyzed the shortcomings of the steam turbine rotors

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It is necessary to reduce the level of temperature stresses in the RVD and the RSD-1, then the optimization of the starting modes of the turbine T-250 / 300-240 can be solved by exercising control of the thermal stress of the inner housing of the CVT. The most effective way to solve this problem is to implement the technology of steam cooling high-temperature sections of steam turbine rotors. This will reduce the temperature differences in the rotors and allow them to be removed from the "critical" elements of the turbine. At the same time in all operating modes it is proposed to implement a system of forced steam cooling RVD and RSD-1 turbines to reduce their temperature differences, which will allow them to be removed from the category of "critical" elements. Here, instead of two CVD steam selections, only the selection from the CVP No. 2 steam line is made. I also wrote a free essay on this subject.

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sanderscaleb121 wrote 05/20/2021 at 21:02 point

A very well thought out engineering solution for how to solve the overheating problem. Steam cooling of high-temperature sections of steam turbine rotors is a rather advanced technology. I'm sure you yourself overheated while writing this essay, so I decided to advise you on one good solution that I used for myself when I wrote about my project Check the link. Try it, it's very cheap and it saves you a lot of time.

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