3D Printable Sealing Face Mask (Experimental)

Open source 3D printable mask that's been designed as a proof of concept to see if a well fitting mask can be made

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A proof of concept mask design for a air tight fitting mask that's based from existing respirator designs. My initial quick test showed that it is possible to creating an air tight sealing face mask using 3D printing (may vary from person to person).

Main issues to solve:
- Limited face masks or respirators available
- Limited filter material available

Key design intentions:
- Reusable face mask with replaceable filter material
- Air tight face fitting design
- Easy to print with flat surfaces for PLA and TPU parts
- No supports required
- Uses a 70x70mm suitable filter sheet cutout
- Low additional material requirement
- Easy to string with any cord that you can get. Even Ninjaflex Filament will do
- Curved design for helping with reducing small crevices with cleaning and washing


This design brings a concept in which it hopefully encourages further development in a suitable mask. This design is by no means a good solution and should never be used to replace a N95 respirator, however, when a suitable mask is designed and created, it will help ease the shortage of masks available. 

Many parts of the design still needs improvement such as comfort, fit and performance, so I've made the STEP design files available for any further development, as I'm not particularly capable in CAD modeling. 


3D printing is by no means the only solution to manufacturing face masks. Masks can be created using injection moulding, casting vacuum forming as well as many other manufacturing methods. It is possible for a design that follows a similar concept to be made using such possible manufacturing method. 


If there is a suitable mask created, it should be made from medically approved materials. However, for development purposes only, possible materials could be:

Hard Materials:
- Nylon
- Epoxy casting resin
- Etc.

Rubber Materials:
- Casting polyurethane
- Silicone
- Etc.


This design is only a proof of concept with no testing performed. Do not use as a medical device or in any situations in which it may cause or result in injury. I can not be liable to any issues cause by the use of my design. This design can not be used as a replacement to a respirator or any protective equipment. Possible materials used such as the plastics, filters or adhesives can be harmful.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Filter cover STEP file. Not needed for printing

stp - 1.01 MB - 03/22/2020 at 22:25



Hard shell STEP file. Not needed for printing

stp - 1.38 MB - 03/22/2020 at 22:25



TPU liner STEP file. Not need for printing

stp - 442.75 kB - 03/22/2020 at 22:25



Main shell of the mask. To be printed in a hard plastic like PLA. Uses 70*70mm filter sheets.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 1.38 MB - 03/22/2020 at 21:58



Cover to secure filter over shell using the elastics of the rubber liner.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 1.28 MB - 03/22/2020 at 21:58


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  • Version 3 iteration

    Supercell03/22/2020 at 22:50 0 comments

    Fit testing of this version was found to be air tight when covering the opening of the hard shell (no cover and filter attached). Fit may vary between person to person so further testing and adjustment is needed. It was noticed that the filter cover may not hold thin materials well so may affect performance. For thicker materials cut to 70x70mm, I have not yet tested due to not having the materials available.

    Design proves the possibility in creating an air tight fitting mask using 3D printing. 3D printing isn't the most suitable production method, so I would suggest for those who have better CAD skills than me to try to adapt the concept to alternative methods of manufacturing.

  • New Design Revision

    Supercell03/21/2020 at 17:40 0 comments

    Adjusted the overall shape of the mask for better fit. Should have a more close fit around the cheek as the previous version was a bit large. Adjusted the thickness of walls to improve overall strength and printability

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  • 1

    - Print hard_shell and filter_cover in PLA with the vent grills laying on the print bed

    - Print tpu_liner using NinjaFlex with the top facing up.

    - Print one of each parts (choose between tpu_liners for bed size)

  • 2

    - Apply liberal amounts of super glue (or any other strong compatible glue) to the perimeter edges of the shell

    - Adhere the shell to the top side of the rubber liner

    - Press firmly on a flat surface ensuring that the glue has fully dried (check glue drying times) before progressing. You may add a weight on top to help with bonding.

    - Cut a 70x70mm size filter sheet. You may use a larger sheet if the material is thin.

    - Place on top of shell vent and cover using the cover. Be aware that the cover only fits one way.

    - Secure cover using the two center elastic ends of the rubber liner

    - Attach two elastic cords to the 4 arms. One at top and another at bottom. You can use NinjaFlex filament as cord if need be. 

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