Initial boards

A project log for Anderson Power Distribution

Fuse and splitter boards that use Anderson PowerPole 45-amp connectors.

adam-demuriAdam Demuri 03/21/2020 at 15:560 Comments

I assembled the initial boards (distribution board and fuse board small v1.1, fuse board large v1.0). Everything works fine. I made a few small tweaks after building this revision:

I haven't tested these changes yet, but they are pretty low-risk.

Load Testing

I applied a moderate load to boards for testing. I used a 100W, 2 ohm resistor with a 12V, "10A" power supply, and measured the voltage drop at the farthest connection point from the source. The power supply is cheap, so it drooped to 11.5v during testing, for a load of ~5.75A.

BoardVoltage dropCalculated resistance, ohms
Fuse board large0.03v.0052
Fuse board small0.04v.0070
Distribution board0.02v.0035

These numbers are pretty approximate. They suggest that the resistance of the board is low enough to be negligible at reasonable loads.

Here are the assembled boards: