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Clinicians are being asked to diagnose remotely. Is there a home product that could be attached to mobile phone as a remote stethoscope

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With COVID19 primary care clinicians are increasingly asked to consult on the phone or by video. People can tell us their pulse/ use an app like HeartRatePro to record their pulse/ record their temperature & email photos of skin lesions/ rashes - but it would be very useful to hear their breath sounds / heart etcThere is a smartphone case; but in this time of compromise, can anyone develop an attachment that people will have in their homes (eg yoghurt pots etc) that might act as a useful transducer when held against the microphone of the phone?...or .. could a 3D printed attachment do this that could be widely distributed?(Background picture: Sonarpulse. origenal:Huji Creative Common

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Marcrbarker wrote 03/24/2020 at 11:57 point

Looking at how cheap ($200) is the price for the iphone-based adaptor, aside from the impressive software and apps that go with it, the hardware itself likely little more than a ported 'yogurt pot'.   The difference is the acoustic energy is coupled via port to the smartphone's microphone, instead of coupling a diaphragm (or open bell) to eardrum via ear-drum-sized tubing.    opensource conventional 3D printed    story

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Nick GPx wrote 03/24/2020 at 15:09 point

thats an impressive opensource 3D printer project. I'm wondering if there is a widely available household item that could provide that acoustic coupling- so it's available to all when a clinician phones them?

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