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A VGA Arduino Uno Shield or Adafruit Feather Wing 640x480 - 512 colours

magicwolfiMagicWolfi 08/19/2021 at 00:580 Comments

The 4x composite video output has gained new higher resolutions in the format of:

NTSC 426x200 in 256 colours

PAL 500x200 in 256 colours.

The resolutions are very unusual for 2 reasons. I was going for the highest resolution that still can display 256 colours and they are full dividers of the pixel clock to give the best quality image possible. An pixel clock divider with remainder would bleed the colour into the next pixel and one would get never twice the same color.

The code with new header files can be found under Video4 in the Github repository. The new PAL resolution does not allow for the Amiga Boing Ball demo any more, as there is not enough video memory left for the ball data.