3D printable stretchy face shield

Easy and very rapid to print one-size-fits-all face shield

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What with Coronavirus/COVID-19 running wild, all sorts of PPE are running in short supply, so we need some innovation to come up with alternatives. This face shield design requires a 3D printer as well as a4 acetate sheet or the equivalent which can be found very cheaply on Ebay or Amazon.The shield can be printed in 11 minutes (on an Ultimaker 2, YMMV). Assembly should take approximately a minute. It's one size fits all. It can be adjusted for smaller heads by stapling together the long loops at the back. All it requires (apart from the print itself) are three staples, a sheet of OHP or some other A4-sized or letter-sized clear plastic, and optionally two foam sticky pads for comfort. You will need a 3D printer with a bed size of at least 160 x 210 mm and a 0.8mm nozzle.For more information, the STL and CURA print profile go here:

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Dani Epstein wrote 03/25/2020 at 12:58 point

I print at 50mm/sec (fairly low jerk settings though), 0.3mm layer height with a 0.8mm nozzle. Even with ABS (at 260C) layer adhesion is great. My kids tried it on and roughandled the shields in the process, and they stood up to all the abuse.

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Canine-Rocket-Technologies wrote 03/22/2020 at 03:12 point

This is ingenious! I love how you utilized complaint mechanism to maintain tension on the face shield as opposed to using elastic or velcro! This would significantly lower the cost, and speed up production!

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Dani Epstein wrote 03/23/2020 at 14:16 point

Thanks! Given that my printer, an Ultimaker 2, can print one in 11 minutes, a group of volunteers with 50 printers between them can make over 250 of these an hour, or 2,500 in ten hours. It's not a lot, but useful for a local hospital who wants disposable face shields.

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Canine-Rocket-Technologies wrote 03/23/2020 at 16:15 point

Wow that's awesome! Yes 2500 in 10 hours isn't a lot compared to the demand, but still that's amazing for additive manufacturing! 1 in 11 min is pretty impressive too! What layer height would this work up to? Guess draft quality (0.3 mm) could still work with good layer adhesion yet boost production?

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