A project log for Coronavirus PAPR Hood

An easy to build a low-cost PPE hood

canine-defense-technologiCanine Defense Technologi 04/04/2020 at 08:001 Comment

Hi everyone! Sorry for the oversue update! I have been working late everyday constantly iterating on the hood design. Currently it is V2.2! It looks just like the ones they sell! It ia also made of Tyvek now. I can't wait ti ship these to some docotors who want to checm it out before it will be produced. This would've never been possible without the feedback of the team at 1 Million Ventillators, Front line medical workers, and my parents! I am so happy with V2.2! It is simplier, has higher visibility, easier to build, quicker to build, very comfortable, and has a better seal! In other words better then any of the balloon like horrible deisgns :p


amirseni wrote 04/05/2020 at 14:59 point

That looks fantastic. The wide viewing area for the v2.2 visor is miles ahead of v1.3.

Was wondering if this design can be used without a surgical mask or N95.

As this works as a PAPR, i gather that no valves or holes are necessary? The positive air flow and pressure should force expired air around the elastic seal?

Looking forward for the sewing patterns.

Great work.

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