Networked home battery

Choose your battery tech, microinverter tech and network some home batteries to power your house.

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Aim: Construct networked home batteries using as many off the shelf parts as possible.

Ingredients: Batteries of your choice, Battery chargers (matched to batteries), Solar microinverters, Raspberry Pi, Audio Injector PCB quick connect clip, power meter (in fuse box), cables & connectors.

Manufacture the PCB, use buildroot to create the operating system. install on Pi, switch one to master the rest to slave. Turn all on, master will take over.

How ? The software polls the power meter in the fuse box, it gets production and consumption data. The master battery's job is to reduce the difference between consumption & production.
When production is too high, battery chargers are turned on one by one. When consumption is too high, microinverters are turned on one by one.

The networked batteries augment the grid - may change later to be off grid.


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