Day 3

A project log for AMD 2900 Chipset Research

Exploring the 2900 family bit slice chip set.

rey-mortaRey Morta 03/24/2020 at 21:530 Comments

More frustrations today. Nothing seems to work when using Port B as a source. I broke down are wrote and made an automated program to scan through the possible 3 micro op combanations to preform:

Set Ram[0] to 3

Set Ram[3] to 4

RegA[0]  + RegB[3].

I knew from yesteraday that Source 7 (Data port, Zero) ) would allow me to write to ram. The program I set up would clear all of the Ram contents and the Q register Set ram locations 0 and 3 then try every combination of sources and destinations. It would report back if the results matched. 

This did not go well. 

After hours of trouble shooting and chip swapping I found the problem. The 5 volt supply off the Arduino was not strong enough for the AM2901 and was being dragged down to ~4 volts. 

Powering the AM2901 off of a seperate power supply fixed the issue.