Day 3 - Fabrication and Assembly

A project log for Backyard Woody Climbing Wall

What do you do when a pandemic hits, and your climbing gym closes? Why, make your own, of course.

Pete HoffswellPete Hoffswell 03/25/2020 at 21:050 Comments

Nice day here today.  With good weather and the fact that our first shipment of holds came in a bit early, time to get back at it!

Alex built out the kicker board today, seeing as the shipment had enough t-nuts.  We used a countersink to clean up the burrs on the holes, and hammered in the t-nuts.  Then just build the kicker board!  The kicker board sits at the bottom of the wall.  it's made with half a sheet of plywood, giving a 24x8 kicker board.  The hole layout is the same as the rest - 7 7/8" (20cm) hole spacing.

We're waiting on the rest of the T-nuts to come in before we can proceed with the main wall build.  

We're somewhat concerned about the quality of the plywood.  It is a little splintery.  We're contemplating some type of sealing paint to protect against splinters and weather.