Door handle ring

Make a plastic ring used to avoid contact with potentially corona virus contaminated door handles.

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This is a very simple anti corona virus device hack. Use a hacksaw to cut rings off a plastic pipe, I had a piece of 50 mm PE pipe available. Use the ring to operate door handles. Maintains a clean outer surface and a potentially contaminated inner surface (or visa versa). After a little training I can move from home to my office without touching any surfaces. I wash with soap while washing my hands.

My ring is about 25 mm long, short enough to allow for getting a grip on curved handles and easy to keep in pockets, long enough to get a firm grip.

I don't have any door knobs where I live. I assume the end of a piece of pipe can be used to turn door knobs. For this, one pipe end must have higher friction, perhaps a rubber glove finger can be pulled over on end?

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Dan Maloney wrote 03/26/2020 at 19:48 point

Clever idea. I miss having lever knobs on doors - had them in my old house and they were great for using an elbow or a foot to open the door even with your hands full.

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