Fuzix now running

A project log for 65C816 for RC2014

A 65C816 CPU board for the RC2014 bus

EtchedPixelsEtchedPixels 03/27/2020 at 16:371 Comment

With a bit of poking around the current git head of Fuzix now runs as expected on the 65C816 board. Although it all runs in 6502 mode I've taken a moment to detect a 65C816 and add optimizations in fork() to use MVN. There are a few other spots that would benefit similarly that I need to look into.

At the moment I am still running at 1.8Mhz. It should be possible to run a bit faster even with the current memory board.


EtchedPixels wrote 03/27/2020 at 16:55 point

and I am now running at 3.6MHz. I need to do the maths but I think 7.4MHz probably needs some of the memory card components to be faster than they are.

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