A project log for 65C816 for RC2014

A 65C816 CPU board for the RC2014 bus

EtchedPixelsEtchedPixels 07/15/2021 at 12:120 Comments

There are two errata I know about on this board

1. The XM line is pulled up. It's acutally an output. R2 can be omitted

2. (v0.2 only) E is placed on the system clock line not the clock as it should be (the CPU clock is the E clock in the motorola sense. Ben's 6522VIA card uses CLK and nothing yet uses the separate E clock so this causes no problems. If needed just wire CLK to pin2 of the jumper). The confusion is because the E pin on a 6502 has nothing to do with the motorola E clock.

It should also be possible to omit R4 as the RDY line has an internal pull-up