Filtered Face Mask

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Inspired by the snorkel mask repurposed for a ventilator, I added filter material instead to make some serious Personal Protection Equipment


Adam Quantrill wrote 04/01/2020 at 17:57 point

Adding the internal filters took a couple more minutes - mainly fiddling with the duct tape that sticks to itself and everything else (apart from rubber, it seems). If you can't be bothered with the front filter just put duct tape over the valve.  With snorkel masks the exhale air is usually taken back to the top because it's used to clear the snorkel attachment of water before drawing another breath, so closing off this front valve won't hurt. But do test  your work first  - wear it for a good five minutes while you're still inside to make sure you aren't going to suffocate! Try some mild exercise too e.g. go up and down your stairs a few times wearing the mask.

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