Hacking a Blood Oxygen Meter

I bought some oximeters and would like to connect them up to an RPi so I can monitor blood O2 continously and log it.

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I popped the top off one of the oximeters just by running my thumbnail around the moulding, eventually found a couple of snap-together lugs.
Once the top was popped off it revealed the PCB underneath with two likely-looking headers, J1 and J2. Each one has an earth (the square pad by convention).

So - the question is - will one of them turn out to be a comms header? For example, RS232, or USB would be very easy to interface to, SPI or I2C do-able.

I have a 'scope and logic analyser handy but if anyone has done this before please post a comment - thanks. Rather not have to reinvent the wheel...

If I can log O2 and pulse rate it would be useful to feed into a respirator project.

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Adam Quantrill wrote 6 days ago point

Now, this looks interesting... what is the betting?

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Adam Quantrill wrote 6 days ago point

Ha ha yeah thanks Dan. I have been using JTAG as an embedded software engineer for over 20 years on various microprocessors, so the newbies guide while good is, well, for newbies. While it did occur to me that one of the headers might be JTAG that probably won't help me on my quest unless I get _really_ desperate. I am hoping for serial comms and not just that - logging of data - already built into the existing firmware. I do have an ARM D-Stream, and a cheap SWD, here at home in case desperation kicks in, and we are locked down for some months.

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Dan Maloney wrote 6 days ago point

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