Arduino based timer for enlarger used in analog photography

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Analog photography is a fascinating area of art, combining creativity with interesting chemical processes. Staple of doing analog work the way it is meant to be done is printing of your work. Enlarger is a device that projects light through a negative onto a surface on which photosensitive paper is to be placed. Nowdays, old enlargers can be picked up for quite cheap, but they almost universally lack one thing- the timer. Yes you can flick on a switch, use stopwatch and turn it off, but timers can provide more control over the whole process. And since they are quite expensive, making your own is logical way forward.

I currently work on a prototype of Arduino controlled relay for that exact purpose. It is very simple circuit and code.


Arduino code of the first iteration.

- 1.66 kB - 03/29/2020 at 12:11


  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × AC relay with Arduino control
  • 6 × LED diode
  • 6 × 680 Ohm resistor
  • 3 × 10 kOhm resistor

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  • Code cleaned

    lazar.zenit04/06/2020 at 19:11 0 comments

    Added cleaner code with captions.

  • Prototype finished

    lazar.zenit03/29/2020 at 12:17 0 comments

    Now has functions of single button time changing in seconds, displayed on 6 LED in binary (didn't have 2 7-seg displays, but looks cooler none the less). One button executes, and one is for reset. Red LED in picture acts as relay until it ships.

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