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A project log for EDIDone - Disable DisplayPort Hotplug

Tired of computers rearranging your screen when monitors turn off? I am.

Torbjörn LindholmTorbjörn Lindholm 03/29/2021 at 08:380 Comments

Hello everyone, I hope you're all safe and sound, free of "the thing that shall not be named" or "the beer".

It's been a long time since this project has been updated (never, really).

I'm still yet to find the solution for emulating the hotplug signals because... The specification sheets are locked behind the paywall and I'm just a lowly engineering student, struggling to graduate and under stress. And for this, I apologize. I'm sorry.

However, this project is not shelved or canceled. This thing still annoys me greatly and this stupid thing needs fixing.

But in order to do so, I need some help. If anyone reading this knows about how DisplayPort hotplug works (or knows a guy who knows about this), please contact me through Hackaday chat.

Again, I'm sorry this isn't the update you were looking for, but I am pretty much stuck now. Thank you all for the interest, and I hope to see you again soon.