Between 2007 and 2012, the UK's analogue broadcast television signals were switched off, in favour of the digital TV signals ('Freeview') we all enjoy today. When the Digital Switchover came to your area, you either had to upgrade your trusty old analogue TV set in the lounge to a snazzy new digital model (ooh, HD-ready, how flash) or you would need to buy a set-top box, which would plug into the back of your old analogue TV and keep it alive in the brave new world.

But what about the thousands of analogue-only pocket TVs sold in the UK in the 80s and 90s? Many of these did not have any external 'AV' input, so once the analogue signals were gone, the TVs were basically only good as doorstops or soothing sources of white noise.

Well, almost. Conveniently, whilst 2012 saw the completion of the Digital Switchover, it also saw the birth of the Raspberry Pi. Can we use the ultra-versatile pocket PC to save a little analogue pocket TV from the dustbin of obsolete technology?