TAS - Arduino Based Hexapod Open Source Robot

open-source hexapod robot based on normally available parts and components based on arduino, freecad, kicad etc.

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This is an open source hexapod robot project based on arduino. I am calling it TAS. Almost all technologies i am using in this project are open-source.

Target of this project is to build an affordable hexapod robot which can mimic six leg biological animals or insect like spider.  It has 18 DOF in total. 

Technologies being used.

1. Mechanical Design : FreeCAD

2. Simulation : CoppeiliaSIM

3. Electronic Design : KiCad

4. Embedded Programming : Arduino

  • Simulation

    Waayoo04/03/2020 at 07:17 0 comments

    Mechanical design is completed already using freeCAD software. Now i am ready for simulation part. Successfully imported the STL into coppeilaSim robotics simulation software. 
    I will provide updates on this.

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