This is essentially an 8x8 LED matrix that uses every output on two CD4015 shift registers that also function as a PRBS generator (i.e. an x amount of shift registers connected in a loop), where half of the outputs are connected to the anodes and the other half to the cathodes. One of these outputs are also connected to a buzzer to further sonify the process. The shift registers' clock signal is generated by the venerable CD40106 schmitt trigger inverter configured as an oscillator. As the project grows in terms of additional similar sculptures to play alongside this one, a relay can be used to switch off the clock signal and thus create gaps of silence between each burst, which would give space to each additional sculpture in the series. This is still just a prototype however, and things might be expanded on or improved in the future. The end goal is to create eight of these and have them all spread out in a room with extremely sparse use of sound.