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Attempt to made a 4 axis CNC controller from the Beaglebone black

VictorVictor 04/04/2020 at 11:250 Comments

My TinyG controller burned and can't be restored. Currently I set up an Arduino Uno with external drivers and GRBL firmware. My goal is to replace Arduino with Beaglebone Black, since only 3 axes are supported in GRBL.

Conclusions so far:

Beaglebone Green Wireless can't be used, because some needed pins are occupied.

The machinekit image for the Beaglebone can be downloaded from:

machinekit image

I changed the image to be flashable (by changing uEnv.txt) and flashed it to the EMMC

I use it with WiFi USB stick that can be configured as described here

For the connection I use putty and Xming with X11 forwarding. In this way you don't need a display on the BBB. You see everything on your PC.

I installed samba on the BBB and created a shared folder for quick files transfer.

Machinekit can be run by simple command:


I see the machinekit interface on my PC and I selected CRAMPS as an interface board.

To be continued...

My current setup - Arduino is going to be replaced, may be.