SBC-85 Four Slot Backplane

A core feature of the 8085 single board computer system is user expansion

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The SBC-85 brings all processor signals and the decoded address lines to the card edge fingers for system expansion. This is a four slot version of an expansion bus that carries all 120 bus signals to all connectors.The PCB is 100mm x 100 mm 2 layer so it qualifies for the cheap board specials at thePCB manufacturing houses. The backplane connectors are standard PCI 120 pins that can be picked up for under $1. all totaled, it can be built for under $10There is a pull-up / pull-down terminator on the clk and extra terminators for the user to connect to high frequency troublesome signals that may be on the unused signal lines.Build files for version 1.0b are available for download at SBC-85.COMThe 1.0b version corrects the 1.0 silkscreen mistake on AD3

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