Temperature Measuring Automatic & Voice Inform

Measure human temperature automatically and inform by voice

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when someone come to near sensor (detect by ultrasonic sensor), it will say welcome, then measure temperature (by IR thermometer), then it will tell your temperature result

Watch my video for full detail and instruction about the project

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    Part List

    Component for the project:

    1. Arduino UNO

    2. SD card module

    3. SD card 8GB

    4. Amplifier PAM8403 & speaker

    5. Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

    6. OLED 128x64

    7. Breadboard cables

    8. Infrared thermometer GY-906

    Note that: because of high demand infrared thermometer, sometimes you might not find the sensor GY-906 on market

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    Circuit Design

    Basically, it will measure temperature from infrared thermometer GY-906, then show result on Oled LCD 128*64. It also inform you the result temperature by voice via speaker. The speaker will take audio file from SD card, then play based on temperature result. The speaker need amplifer PAM8403 to make sound louder for us.

    Main process for using like this:

    1. We will wave hand at ultrasonic sensor (distance about 10cm)

    2. Then it will greeting us by voice "welcome to temperature measuring system, please put your hand or forehead before sensor about 2cm"

    3. We put hand or forehead before sensor for measuring temperature

    4. It will sound temperature result, as well as show on LCD. For example, your temperature is 36.5dgC, it will speak "Your temperature is 36.5 degree C. Your temperature seems normal, so please keep healthy!"

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    Make Frame and Do Connection

    The frame is from MDF wood 3mm thickness, cut by laser. I hope some of you can support cnc laser machine to cut it. If not, you can cut cardboard for the frame. Design file can be downloaded here (Google share)

    After cutting, you will need glue to make frame for it. It's not difficult to make the frame. Then we will install all parts into the frame, and make wiring as circuit design

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