The entire build requires 14 standard 10mm M3 hex screws: 4 to mount the motor, 1 to mount the fan shroud, 2 (can be up to 4) for the Arduino, 4 to join the two halves of the body and 3 for the bottom lid. The screws all thread into the printed holes on the main body of the device, no nuts required. The motor is inserted from the top of the main body to be screwed in (side with thicker diameter) and lines up to 4 holes on the plate inside the body. The cables from the motor are routed through any one of the 4 large holes in the center plate down to the bottom half of the main body. ESC is then plugged into the motor leads and left hanging off the exterior edge of the body. Arduino Uno is then mounted from the bottom, its top facing out with M3 screws on two opposing corners or all four corners. The thin gauge ESC cables can then plug in:

  • -White -> digital pin
  • -Red -> Vin pin (to power the microcontroller)
  • -Black -> GND pin

Additional information:

The intake opening was intentionally left flat so an air filtration and/or air hydration system can be mounted to it. Adapters exist for respirator filters and any other filter adapter can easily the glued or printed atop the existing fan shroud.

The flat bottom lid can also be modified to mount to any application whether it is a vertical pole, horizontal bar or more easily a flat surface with Velcro, magnets, rubber or sticky pads.