Log#65 : Baby steps

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A backup of the blog before the host erases it. A good opportunity to review the development, twists and turns of this ISA !

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By whygee on Monday 28 April 2014, 18:00 - Project

The YASEP's development progresses on many fronts so big results are not visible yet.

I just started to document and publish the work on a TAP protocol over HTTP. A lot of multi-language development is going on, while writing articles on many connected subjects.

HTTaP is critical to rewrite the microYASEP from scratch with "Design For Test" in mind. In fact I'm investing time on debug/design tools in the hope that further development will be much faster, like on many occasions in the YASEP project !

I need to deliver a microYASEP VHDL core in a few months so it's pretty critical. The YASEP2014 architecture is still fresh in my head and there are so many details to correct. But some good things emerge anyway, such as my recent rewrite of the register set code (it now allows a "side channel" for address updates) or the removal of the ugly SWAP_IR flag (probably one of the most confusing aspects of the architecture that became finally pointless with the latest instruction format changes).

Translation (to spanish and german) is still on the table though no meaningful progress has occured lately.

As usual, pretty unstable snapshots are uploaded to
whenever possible, so you can look at the evolution.