Log#66 : The first PCB designed for the YASEP

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A backup of the blog before the host erases it. A good opportunity to review the development, twists and turns of this ISA !

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By whygee on Sunday 27 July 2014, 12:09

My development time is dedicated to the "WizYASEP", a board containing a
FPGA (A3P250VQ100) and a Wiznet WZ5300 (high speed TCP/IP module). The first prototype board, using Dipole's services, is received and soldered :

In the coming months, a batch will be produced and deployed. They will display videos on outdoor LED screens, see some previous similar projects at

Thanks to its connectors, this small board is quite versatile and will find many applications, as is or with extension boards. The PCB itself can also be customised and adapted for specific projects.

Later, this board might become the next development tool in the YASEP ecosystem : equiped with a HTTP server (with HTTAP support), storage and probes, it will be a great in-circuit-emulator for other YASEP boards, such as the Actuino.

Due to time constraints, the first version will use an old microYASEP core (pre-2014) but the newer, faster and enhanced miniYASEP will follow in 2015, implementing the new instruction set format.

Oh, and Microsemi has released a QFP144 version of its Igloo2 FPGA. It looks very promising...


The YASEP core never made it to the WizYasep board... yet....

Dipole closed shop some years later :-(

But the #WizYasepbecame a pretty good platform... I wish I had more stable tools though, because it is now stalled/shelved as well.