Living with a robot

A project log for Yasky-bot. An industrial robotic arm becomes open

In this project I'll show how I was able to restore and make functional an old Yaskawa motoman 6 dof industrial robot

caltadanielcaltadaniel 04/06/2020 at 20:230 Comments

Let's start from the middle of the project... I know that a lot of projects starts and after a while they becomes or too complicated or people tends to tackle new ideas because the initial energy tends to become les and less while the time passes. 

That's why I wanted to start from the middle. I want to show how the robot is performig nowadays, so I can better explain the journey I've made to reach this point.

In this funny video I've made at home, you can see how the robots follows the prescribed 3d trajectory (that has been generated runtime in python and then loaded into the controller). The inverse kinematics has been solved in python too.