K3^0 Solenoid Control with RPUno^5

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Latching Solenoid or Relay driver

ronaldsutherlandronald.sutherland 11/30/2016 at 01:500 Comments

An interactive Command Line Interface for Solenoid control is wired to LED's to see its function. In my reset all video each solenoid is cycled twice (opps), but the logic control is working. After connecting the K3 board I fixed the control program so it cycles each solenoid once as seen when RPUno with K3 video is seen.

Update1: Added more options to the Solenoid

program (save/load settings to/from EEPROM) and connected some of

Orbits (58874N) latching valves (which work for me with a 24V 50 mSec

pulse). Have a look at the video of RPUno (modified ^4) with K3 controlling some latching valves.

Update2: Added a day/night state machine to the Solenoid program, which loads saved settings from EEPROM after a morning (debounce) at the start of each day, and starts their operation.