Release 0.64.0

A project log for zeptoforth

A full-featured Forth-based RTOS for ARM Cortex-M

Travis BemannTravis Bemann 04/26/2023 at 04:050 Comments

This release gives each task its own emit-hook, emit?-hook, key-hook, and key?-hook hooks, which they inherit from their parent tasks. Also, tasks now have error-emit-hook and error-emit?-hook hooks, which are used within the new word with-error-console for redirection of error message output. Additionally, convenient mechanism for console input/output/error output redirection have been added in a new console module. Another thing which has been added is an alarm module, which implements software alarms (which operate in normal task execution mode rather than at interrupt time). Last but not least, a try-and-display-error word which encapsulates catching an exception if it is raises and displaying its error message has been added, and the welcome and license messages have been moved out of the kernel to save critical kernel space on the RP2040 (as the kernel is currently limited to 32K in size).