• Guns

    John Griffiths11/02/2016 at 00:30 0 comments

    First time around I didn't have the time to build the proper StarLord guns but next time I really want to give it it's due.

    So there I may follow the method with the boot thrusters and have ferrous magnets and a metal clip for the sides of my waist harness so the guns can easily snap on to the sides.

    Be really cool if they light up when they detect when their disconnected from the waist rig.

    The first time around I spray painted two toy guns I picked up from dollarama matte black and gave them a light wash in gold paint to give them a grungy modern feel.

  • future improvements

    John Griffiths11/02/2016 at 00:25 0 comments


    after wearing the whole get up for halloween i discovered the simple belt buckle clips for the boot thrusters would just keep swinging around so after thinking about it I think for the next incarnation I'll keep my eye out for some wellie boots at goodwill and sprays those dark black then apply a leather cover to the front, then for the boot thrusters rivet a metal clasp that houses ferrous magnets (with metal strips to either side) so the boot thrusters themselves can simply drop on to the boots and always have a perfect fit, like the movie.


    Here i want to run the two neopixel discs via the mini arduino i have called a digispark, that hooked up to a microswitch on the side of the helmet to easily switch on and off the eye lights.

    Also some kind of startup animation would be really cool, like the eye's are loading their own operating system. e.g. first like this => + then this => x then back to => x then slowly glowing up.