Internet Radio Alarm Clock - Assembled! And Partially Working

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Raspberry Pi Zero W powered Alarm Clock that plays Internet Radio URLs at intervals.

Leo FebeyLeo Febey 07/28/2020 at 13:120 Comments

It's finally (mostly) assembled! Tonight at Hobart Makers, I put the speakers in, and glued in the top volume control knob.

The speakers went in well. I ordered the extra-long screws from eBay, and they just arrived in time for tonight.  I wasn't quite sure how to attach the volume knob, but I just settled on glue gun glue. It should hold for a fair while. It felt pretty sturdy.

I also finally added a simple 5Kohm resistor for the LCD, to adjust the contrast. It was at full contrast before, and it didn't look that nice. Now it is much more readable.

To my amazement, the speakers worked fine! I soldered the wires directly to the Phat DAC board. I also leeched some power from the 5V supply on the Pi. No noise issues, and it worked. Though U have an issue, which is that it seems that there is only one channel showing to the OS. So I only get mono sound (on both speakers) :( I'll have to look into it.

Next, I now have the electronics enthusiast's least favourite part, programming.. It's ok, I have become a decent programmer over the years. I just need some quiet time with my computer 🕯

I'm looking forward to getting it working, I will then just have my alarm clock on my bedside table, and I can move my electronics devices to another place, out of reach in my room. Good for getting to sleep quickly. And I will have my own personal hand-made gadget!