Yup, I sure have one.

A project log for Luxbeam LE4960

It was up for auction, I was bored, now I have one.

morganmorgan 04/10/2020 at 04:160 Comments

So the auction closed and I ended up getting the complete unit for $US50. I have been unable to determine what a unit like this went for new, but I can image it being much, much higher than this.

Hardware Rundown

This lot (there were 4 total) came with, PSU, the main projector unit and an optical stage. I'm unsure what the optics are setup for (shrink, enlarge) but one of the other lots included a frame, with an acrylic bed about 10cm above the lens.

Unit Body

The main body includes several ports, PSU, two optical sync (IN/OUT), and electrical sync, 6 GPIO pins, Ethernet, a reset button and ethernet reset button. PSU was helpfully labeled and allowed me to confirm the include supply was correct and wired correctly. With that I was able to power it up to find the fan grill hit the blades and made a horrendous noise. But with that fixed, I was able to see if I could get it on the network.


The best info I can find for this is the 'datasheet' for a similar (might be the same?) model called the LE4960H DIS. The DIS part of this indicates the projection optics and the controller are separate, presumably allowing the optics to be mounted in more confined places. The H part is still an unknown. The important part though is the fact this datasheet says the control is web based, and the host controller simply needs a browser. And hey, I've got one of those.

The Problem

So this browser based control seems really handy, problem is, so far nothing I've tried will get this thing on my network. I doesn't seem to ask for an IP, isolating it on a switch with my desktop I cannot see anything going out with tcpdump but the ethernet LEDs on the device are lighting like they're trying to do something. I also tried hooking it directly to my desktop but only one LED lit up, I'm guessing this is a patch/cross over cable thing issue? Or maybe something with 1000Base-T ethernet that I don't understand?

Any suggestions would be handy, this is pretty much where I'm at.