Simplest Face Shield for COVID-19 PPE

This project details the final iteration in my search to design the simplest possible face shield that can be mass produced and packs flat.

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The following requirements were used as the basis for this design:
1. Provides the minimum protection from direct splashes to the face.
2. Utilizes materials that can be procured from office suppliers.
3. Requires no specialty tools to manufacture.
4. Packs Flat for shipping.
5. Assembly instructions to deploy from flat pack to wearable less than 3 steps long.

The resulting design is a face shield made only using transparency sheet, sissors, and a hole punch. The included document is made to print the design directly on to inkjet or laser compatible transparencies for cutting the pattern. It can also be mass produced with a die punch or cnc cutter.

The shield is 3 parts: Shield, forehead strap, and elastic strap.
It assembles as a flat pack, and can be deployed to the wearable configuration in seconds.

This was inspired by the many projects online to design a face shield to help protect our nurses and doctors during the PPE shortage. This can be made with the fewest possible materials: printable transparency sheets, and a rubber band. It is comparable in functionality and protection to the commonly available disposable face shields available in most hospitals that are constructed from a piece of foam and a sheet of plastic.

This design can be assembled flat and many can be shipped in an envelope. 


Print 1 of these, cut apart, punch holes and cut off "remove" material. Cut the "V" for the rubber band by folding vertically.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 86.52 kB - 04/10/2020 at 18:26



Print 6 of these and punch holes / cut slits.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 18.55 kB - 04/10/2020 at 18:26


  • 1 × Face Shield SnapShield-Shield.pdf in files section - print on inkjet transparency
  • 1 × Forehead Band SnapShield-band.pdf in the files section - 6 bands per transparency sheet
  • 1 × Rubber Band Cut and tie an overhand knot in each end for the strap. Feed through 'V" cut in Forehead Band

  • 1
    Procure material

    The material used for this is printable transparency sheets commonly used for silk screen work. You can also use non-printable plastic by printing the design on a piece of paper and tracing on to the plastic sheet.

  • 2

    Download the files SnapShield-band.pdf and SnapShield-Shield.pdf from the files section.
    Print one band sheet (6 bands per sheet).
    Print six shield sheets.

  • 3
    Separate Bands

    Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut apart the 6 bands on the long solid black lines.

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