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First prototypes manufactured in Aisler :

FUSION model - combine best features from both prototypes Manufactured in PCBWAY:

Hardware features:

Working software features:

TODO software features:

STEM Learning:

What you can learn on this board?

( all this things I learning now on this project)

Production and marketing plans:

Hardware is very simple and easy to solder by hand (in pocket version with SAMD21E18), low active component count make it very attractive as learn to solder kit. Unfortunately SAMD21 come without bootloader, this is little problem because SAMD need special tools to burn bootloaders, I have no experience how much is complicated burn bootloader in factory on bare unsoldered chip. I suggesting sell this as semi populated board > PCBA all active components except buttons and radio module (Unsoldered radio module give small advantage because there is 3 world frequencies) Why TH tactile switches? because is very important to precise align with front cover plate and this can be little hard with hand.

SWOT analysis





Some screenshots: