Panoramic Photos with ESP32-CAM and Python

Take Panoramic Photos with ESP32-CAM and use Python to stitch multiple photo into one final.

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This is a prove of concept, the general idea is build a project that can be replicated with cheap materials, to take multiple pictures a compile them in a panoramic final photo.

The python program run on docker container to avoid the complexity of install the right version of python, opencv and other dependent libraries.

Use ESP32-CAM to control the stepper motor and take the photos, everything is controlled by a pyhon program, which joins all the photos into a final photo.

The 3d part you can download from thingiverse. There are no screw holes, which allow you to switch to another stepper motor. 

All the parts was provide by digitspace.

  • Panoramic example photo

    Guille04/10/2020 at 20:01 0 comments

    This is an example of how is the output photo. By default the Python program take 16 photo and output only one; this is made with 24 input photos.

    In my experience, the range of the WiFi signal range with this device was very poor, especially when it is necessary to download many images at the same time. Maybe it is a problem with my router.

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    PCB for ESP32-CAM

    You need yo solders the headers to the pcb, six cables: 2 for power (VCC and GND) and four for control the stepper motor. I put small capacitor in the power connector of the ESP32-CAM.

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    Stepper Motor

    I presented the engine in the 3D model, a mark where the screws will be. Then use the drill to make the holes.

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    Be sure to run the wires through the 3d piece before crimping the connectors.

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likeablob wrote 04/11/2020 at 08:15 point

Hi. Nice project! (Right now I'm working on designing a daughter board for ESP-32 for long-term fixed point observation.)

And may I ask what the name of this wonderful green filament is?

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Guille wrote 04/11/2020 at 14:04 point

Thank you. The color is metallic army green, the brand is Printalod.

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