Quantity   Component name
1 × Particle Electron 3G and antenna (Mouser, Digikey) Particle Boron 3G or 4G should work as well, but check to make sure sleep functionality is available
1 × JSN SR04T-2.0 Ultrasonic Sensor (Ebay)
1 × 100k Thermistor
5 × 3 AA battery holder and batteries (Ebay)
1 × ABS enclosure (3.9"x5.9"x2.8") Amazon
1 × Waterproof RJ45 Panel Mount connects thermistor and conductivity sensors to main body (Amazon)
1 × Waterproof button mounted at the top of the sensor to allow for reset without disassembly (Amazon)
1 × 3.3V to 5V boost converter for powering the ultrasonic sensor (Ebay)