Simon says Game Mode

A project log for Traffic Jam

Red light, green light, 1-2-3! Using an Arduino to control giant surplus store traffic lights

Robyn WRobyn W 12/23/2020 at 19:130 Comments

It was cool to have traffic lights that we could turn on and off but what else could we do with these lights? Well, why not make a giant Simon says game!

Once the lights are plugged into power all traffic lights and button lights blink once to show it's on and working. After that press any button to start game mode.

The first steps to making the game were creating a predetermined sequence of light blinks and to have the Arduino recognize if we pressed the correct button in correlation with the traffic light color. 

Then we used a randomseed algorithm to make the light blinks be random.

every 3 light blinks and the the time in between blinks speeds up!

Get 10 in a row correct and the green traffic light blinks 3 times indicating GAME WON!

Take too long to press a button or press the wrong button and  3 red light blinks from the traffic light indicate GAME LOST!