Minor Updates

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Collection of Arduino Micro firmware and schematics for connecting your retro Joysticks and Gamepads to USB port.

danjovicdanjovic 04/14/2020 at 02:150 Comments

Minor updates on the versions released so far.

The circuit can read up to 4 axes, but most of joysticks of that era only implements 2 or 3. Then whenever a  potentiometer is not connected the value reported will be around the middle of the scale which means 200 counts for the standard 100K potentiometer.

Worth to remember that the circuit shall provide useful range for potentiometers up to 250k Ohms (around 1000 counts)

  // Take care of disconnected axes
  if (a1X == maxCounts ) a1X=midRange;
  if (a1Y == maxCounts ) a1Y=midRange;
  if (a2X == maxCounts ) a2X=midRange;
  if (a2Y == maxCounts ) a2Y=midRange;

Now the firmware can detect when a footpedal is not connected and does not report any key instead of report the they R continuously pressed.

void loop() {

  if (a1Y < 100) { // Brake presse;
  } else if (a1Y > 600) { // Pedal Not connected 
  } else if (a1Y > 300) { // Gas pressed;
  } else {