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A project log for Greek Vocabulary Reviewer

Greek language vocabulary reviewer via an interactive panel game with arcade pushbuttons, LCD screens, LEDs and more.

Angeliki BeykoAngeliki Beyko 05/03/2020 at 20:500 Comments

Parts Ordered from Digitspace:

Quantity: 6   Tactile Switch (Push Button)

Quantity: 5    3 Terminal Microswitch

Quantity: 5    300 Ohm Resistor

Quantity: 8    1602 LCD Yellow Green Character Display

Quantity: 3    1-Channel Digital Touch Capacitive Sensor Module

Quantity: 5    Arduino Uno/Mega2560 Compatible 3.5" TFT LCD Shield

Here are some photos of unboxing the parts that arrived:

All of the parts were well packaged and the delivery from China took approximately less than a week using DHL shipping.