GVR: Game Design

A project log for Greek Vocabulary Reviewer

Greek language vocabulary reviewer via an interactive panel game with arcade pushbuttons, LCD screens, LEDs and more.

Angeliki BeykoAngeliki Beyko 05/03/2020 at 21:340 Comments

The game will start off with some flashing alternating lights and an audio cue asking the player to select a Level (buttons for levels 1-5 are off to the side of the panel).  After the player selects a level, they will see the level they selected displayed in the upper left hand corner and the next audio cue will ask the player to select the amount of words they wish to review (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60). These buttons are also off to the side of the panel. 

Next, an audio cue will ask the player to select a category (i.e. food, action, places, time, etc.) and mention they can scroll through different categories by pressing the back and forth arrows (these arrows will have capacitive touch sensors underneath). 

After a category is selected, a word will appear in Greek in the top right corner LCD display as well as hear the word through the speakers. The player then has to select which of the four screens shows the correct depiction of the word. All images displayed will belong to the same category as the word being presented. There will be a button to the right side of each screen that a player can press (until I figure out how to turn the whole screen into a button so that it would feel like an arcade button). 

If the player selects the correct response, an audio cue will be presented and the next LED will light up. The LEDs will start lighting up from the bottom right hand corner, progressing to the left, then up, then to the right, then down.

If the player selects an incorrect response, an audio cue will play and the last lit LED will turn off.