Log #11 DIY Mobility Device.

A project log for Hoverboards for Assistive Devices

Want to motorize a wheeled assistive device? What better than a hacked hoverboard with brushless motors, electronics and power.

Phil MalonePhil Malone 07/30/2020 at 20:120 Comments

Starting in Log #7, I detailed the process of using my hacked hoverboard to add a power drive to a commercial "Stander".

In this log, I want to shift to the other end of the spectrum: a complete DIY Mobility device, based on the same Hoverboard Hack.   I'm trying to develop ideas that can be implemented without a large outlay of cash, so this one is based on hardware that the family of the impaired child should already have:  An automotive car seat.

My idea was to build a simple frame that would allow a car seat to be mounted to a hover-board, and add a caster to provide a third balance point.  I would use small cargo straps to attaching the hover-board to the frame and the seat, so it would just take a bit of creativity to adapt to a specific seat.

I'm still working on my bluetooth joystick design, so I tested out my prototype HoverChair with my Prototype BluJoy joystick.