Raspberry Pi 4B

A project log for ROVER-X


AmeerAmeer 04/25/2020 at 16:530 Comments

I decided to use the newest Raspberry Pi model; the 4 B.

It can be powered via the USB-C port, and it uses a Micro-HDMI to output display.  You will also need an 8GB Micro SD Card (or 16 or 32; I chose a 16GB), and an SD Card Sleeve for it.

Download The firmware Raspbian onto your PC, download Installer onto your PC as well, then run Installer and choose Raspbian as the firmware and the Micro SD Card as the place to install its image.

NOTE: If you buy a Pi4-B make sure you also buy or have:

HDMI- Micro-HDMI Chord

USB-C power & chord with 5 volts and 3.1 amps

Gen 10, micro SD card  & SD Sleeve

You will need a USB Keyboard and a USB Mouse later to use the Pi

Then, for your Battery you will also need to buy:

Battery Charger

T Plug Connector